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against detroit. cheese best of. that moment you enjoy it at home. then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to digest. easy to love. it can only be called black silk. from folgers. a taste you can enjoy fresh brewed one cup at a time or on the go. black silk from folgers. >>> here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, morning fog today. miami, thunderstorms. it's a hot one in chicago. 92 the high. 98 the high in dallas. los angeles, 85. time now for a check of the national forecast. a dome of heat continues to bake the midwest. temperatures will run 10 to 20 degrees above normal. it will be dry across most of the northeast and south. scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely across florida and texas. and also parts of the southwest and rockies. >>> in sports, the st. louis cards are now in sole possession of first place in the national league central division, and they pulled out the big bats against cincinnati to do it. in the third,
tonight in detroit. tigers slugger miguel cabrera may have been impressed with oakland's hitting in the series. the a's jumped on detroit starter doug fister in the second. curt sushgszuki puts the a's up two nothing, his first start since joining the league last weekend and pitching for the first time since april 29th. brett anderson pitched the final inning allowing runs. oakland pounded out 21 hits inclouding two home runs from brandon moss. his three-run shot in the 8th puts oakland up 14 to 1. moss had a career high six rbi, and the a's win 14 to 4. >>> pablo sandoval giving hunter pence a quick sal sa dancing lesson. looking good. including buster posey to end the 6th. tied at one when the rockies played four runs, two on former giant ground rule double. colorado would hang onto win 5 to 4. >>> it is time for your wednesday night top five. mets andrew brown pops up to phillies catcher. nobody is covering third. eric young, jr., tags up and moves up for the stolen base. >>> at no. 4, atlanta center fielder b. j. up ton with the 9th diving catch to rob cleveland's carlos sant
and other fast-food restaurants in 60 cities including new york, chicago and detroit, also went on strike today. >>> it is a costly consequence for the san francisco giants. >> what the feds said the team didn't do right for years come back to haunt them. >> i'm i'm meteorologist paul deanno reporting live from a sunny quiet treasure island. behind me, the new eastern span of the bay bridge. will the weather continue to cooperate for final construction of that bridge? that and your labor day weekend forecast coming up. ,,,, unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. the san francisco giants dos in back wages and damages. that's after the feds founde >>> the san francisco giants jus
tiger who sunlt slumping is detroit pitcher max scherzer. the tigers' ace improved. completing a four-game sweep of the indians. >>> the l.a. dodgers continue their red-hot play on the road. a.j. ellis smacked a three-run homer helping the dodgers to a 5-1 win over st. louis. l.a. hoss won 17 of their last 18 games at home. >>> the baltimore ravens were back on the field for the first time since winning the super bowl. baltimore opened their preseason schedule against the bucs in reiny tampa. the ravens got a 7-6 lead. the defending champs don't look back from there. they win, 44-16. and the super bowl runners-up were also back in action. the san francisco 49ers hosting the denver broncos, before star quarterbacks collin kaepernick and peyton manning played just one series. the only touchdown comes when niners' running back d.j. harper coughs up the ball and phillips returns with a score. the broncos win, 10-6. >>> finally, just because you earn the tens of millions of dollar as year and you are the face of the nba doesn't mean you can escape jury duty. lebron james got his notice in
. >> reporter: at only 21,000 production cars a year tesla isn't going to outdo detroit in volume any time soon. but when it comes to innovation the company is cornering the market. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, fremont, california. >> great story. elon musk is a very interesting guy with a remarkable background in silicon valley. and he's been proven right here. i mean he's done something everybody that i know who has one loves it. >> i know. i never thought of electric cars as looking very cool. that is very cool. and it even makes that sound. >>> elmore leonard certainly changed the crime novel. he used to tell other writers, try to leave out the parts people skip. we'll listen to some of his conversations with charlie coming up on "cbs this morning." for pain and swelling? apply cold therapy in the first 24 hours. but not just any cold. i only use new thermacare® cold wraps. targettemp technology delivers a consistent, therapeutic cold to stop pain and start healing. new thermacare® cold wraps. a better way to treat pain. bacon?! gotta get that bacon! smokey bacon, cr
series in detroit tomorrow this pirate couldn't get a ticket to the game, so he hg out in the cove giants up 1n the 6th when buster posey ss the unconventional 2- 6-4 de play off an aj burnett bunt. the defense was sharp this afternoon for ryan vogelsong who pitched his best game oe year...vogelsong went 8 inn, gave up only 2 hits, and st out 5, earning his first win the dl the >>> the double collection here. going 8 innings, giving up 2 hits, struck out 5. earning the 4th point going off. now, two runs come into score. picking up the 1st triple since august of last year. the giants go against the pirates and they shut them out of the park 4-0 the final. >>> irl driver, willpower has dominated sonoma. but a penalty helped him to another trip. inside of the circle. danger on the track. on it as well. seven cautions, making the move. he would stay ahead of the pack and filled with power. 15 laps to go. final pit stop. keep your eye on the power tire changer. pulled out of the stall, hits the guy. he ends uptaking out another crewmember and an air gun ended up injuring another member of the
. >> could the a's continue to roll over the tigers in detroit and the amazing story behind the 17-year-old who beat a former champion at the u.s. open. that's all coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, female narrator: through monday, get three years through monday, get three years interest-free financing and save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic, but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. money for classroom supplie that's according to this wes jefferson award winner.. a n sharon chin reports is suppg teachers with some relief. >>> a woman sharon chin reports is supplying teachers with some relief from paying for school supplies on their own. >> how about eight-car tons for physics? >> i can always use egg cartons. >> reporter: kathleen montgomery offers napa county public schoolteachers the supplies they need, the best part they're free. >> some of them it's like christmas in august. it's like being in a candy shop. >> reporter: she founded the teacher resource center in napa
and afternoon sunshine. that is your forecast. we have sports coming up next. ,, the a's are in detroit toni, but outfielder josh reddicks back in the bay area after e team led >>> as hurting in more ways than one. they have to get it together. they are in detroit tonight but outfielder josh reddick is back if the bay area after being on the dl with a sprained right wrist. the hottest hitter on the planet miguel cabrera his 34th home run. two-run blast tied the game at 4. derrek barton from aaa, here comes the throw. safe at the plate. a's leading 7-4 in the 8th inning. the rangers and a's have a huge series coming up a week from today. schedule over the next seven days much softer than the a's for the texas. combined 26 games under .500 compared to the a's who get teams that are 44 games over .500. >>> look out. breaking news out of 49ers headquarters in santa clara. within the last hour, the team reportedly traded linebacker paris harrelson to the saints. he was drafted in 2006 recorded a career-high 8 sacks in 2008. ross' starting job to alden smith in 2011 sat out all of last year with t
'donnell. would rain put a damper on the a's it detroit? and get your tape measures out. this was big in dinver. wait until you see -- in denver. wait until you see it coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. and got an unexpected visita 350 pound blue marlin that t >>> a close call in the dominican republic where fishermen hooked a 350-pound blue marlin that leaped on the boat nearly spearing a crew member. they usually release the marlins but because this died on board the crew gave it to a local fisherman. >> that was a close call, though. >> wow. >>> good morning, everybody. justin verlander beat the a's twice in the play-offs last year. well, last night
is assessing facebook. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. would rain put a damper on the a's' bats in detroit? get your tape measures out. this was big in denver. wait until you see it coming up. >> what's cool about your school? you can submit your nomination at our website, kpix.com/coolschool. we may come out and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. >>> good morning, everybody. justin verlander beat the a's twice in the play-offs last year. well, last night redemption and a chance to up their wild card lead. verlander needed 44 pitches to get out of the 1st inning alone. he wasn't good. brandon moss would agree. tied at 3 in the 5th inning moss launches one the other way off the former american league mvp. a's take a 5-3 lead. they had the baze loaded nobody out in the --bases loaded nobody out in the 6th inning. the rain started falling. the game was called and the a's will take it. they win 6-3. two straight now over detroit. >>> hunter pence almost sent himself to the disabled list crashing into the wall a couple of days ago. last night he hits the longest home run in the ma
in colorado? and the a's had no issues at the plate in detroit. sports is next. >> a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no one going through today. the construction has started. the new bay bridge will open in about five days. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. >>> groom. welcome back. hopefully you get to take an extra lon labor day holiday weekend. if not, then you have to get to work hit the roads, once again, the bay bridge is shut down for the next several days. san mateo, golden gate bridge, both flowing smoothly. alternates and the bart system are on time 39 trains good to go. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. >> thanks. >>> this video is too good not to show you every year, right? 20,000 people pelted fresh tomatoes in the annual festival in spain. knee deep in tomatoes, made sure everyone around them was covered in the red pulp, too. we should do that
close did the giants come to being no hit in colorado? and the a's had no issues at the plate in detroit. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, >>> good morning. here's a look at your "timesaver traffic." bay bridge more workers than cars today. in fact, the bay bridge has been closed since 8:00 last night. checking your alternates it is definitely starting to get backed up behind the san mateo bridge toll plaza and on the southbound 880 approach. golden gate and richmond/san rafael bridge moving at the limit. more "timesaver traffic" coming up. >>> good morning, everyone. the a's got off to a good start activating opening day starter brett anderson from the 60-day disabled list. and once the team took the feel in got even better. -- field it got even better. tigers slugger miguel cabrera may have been impressed with oakland's hitting. the a's jumped on detroit starter doug fister in the second. kurt suzuki puts the a's up 2-0 with his first rbi since joining the team last weekend. pitching for the first time since april 29, anderson tossed the final three innings allowing three earned
nearly blew up an airliner over detroit on christmas day 2009. explosives hidden in printer cartridges and shipped on cargo planes bound for the u.s. were hard to detect, even after authorities had been told where to look. most recount, he designed a new underwear bomb which was handed over to the u.s. by a double agent. at a conference last month, john pistol, head of the transportation security administration, explained why it was so alarming. >> so it was a new type of explosive that we had never seen in either attempts in the u.s. or around the world by terrorists, so all of our explosive detection equipment which screens over a million checked bags every day-- just in the u.s.-- wasn't calibrated to detect that. >> reporter: but u.s. officials say they have no evidence the current plot is designed to take down airliners bound for the u.s. the embassy closings begin on sunday and could last for a number of days, depending on what more is learned about the threat. the travel alert will remain in effect through the end of august. >> schieffer: all right, thank you very much, david. o
and johnny peralta of the detroit tigers. but the harshest penalty is going to alex rodriguez of the d w york yankees, baseball's highest-paid player is being suspended without pay for a record 211 games. the game has not seen punishment of this scope since the black sox scandal nearly a century nigh don dahler is in chicago where rodriguez and the yankees are playing the white sox tonight. don? >> reporter: mellow, maurice, alex rodriguez has missed most of this season trying to rehab an injury. tonight, weather permitting, he will bat fourth and play third base. but his return to major league baseball may be for a limited time only. >> the last seven months have ben a nightmare. it's been -- you know, probably the worst time of my life for sure. ac reporter: alex rodriguez now stands alone among the 13 players accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. but what we've always fought for is for the process and i think we have that. and at some point we'll sit in front of an arbiter and give it our... give our case. >> reporter: baseball commissioner bud selig explained why rodriguez's punis
of the ninth gives new york a 5-4 win over detroit. >>> and in preseason football, the colts and bills treat fans to game-breaking plays. indianapolis receiver t.y. hilton gets open along the sidelines and makes a diving catch far a 45-yard touchdown. that may have been topped by this play, buffalo rookie marquise goodwin was a college track star at texas, and he shows his speed here. goodwin returns the kick-off 107 yards for a touchdown. the bills win, 44-20. >>> and if you think he's fast, when we return, a look at the fastest man in the world. scientists try to figure out why usain bolt blows by the competition. >> announcer: sports sponsored by autostop. new autostop is foolproof. gray is over. autostop is foolproof. gray is over. [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. of negotiations is likely s ahead. new details in the rescue oa california teen. how agents tracked her -- and her alled kidnap
. texas wins 2-1. >>> detroit shortstop jose iglesias may have had the defensive play of the night. he makes a offhanded bare-handed throw to help get phegley out. they lose to the white sox 6-2. >>> and a wild one between the orioles and diamondbacks. baltimore's chris davis ties it on the sixth home run of the year. orioles would rally in the ninth to tie at game at 6-6. arizona's adam eaton hammers the first pitch he sees for the walk-off home run. the diamondbacks win 7-6. >>> when we return, california dreaming. an entrepreneur's plan to transport people from l.a. to san francisco on an ultra fast cushion of air. of the bay bridge open.. by labor day. drastic changes are coming your kids school bathrooms. they'll get to pick which o they want to use. an east versus west battle pitting neighbor against neighbor in one bay area neighborhood. and it's all r parking.. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 ,,,, >>> here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., severe thunderstorms today. atlanta, afternoon thunderstorms. partl
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-food restaurants in 60 cities including new york, chicago and detroit, also went on strike today. >>> let's get an update on the commute now with liza battalones. >> reporter: it's slow in so many places out there, juliette. we are going to start off with chopper 5 who has been up and out watching the scene over the 92-101 interchange. that's been one of the slowest areas for the entire bay area with up to two-hour delays for commuters leaving the san francisco down southbound 101 heading towards right here, the san mateo bridge. so take 280 instead if you plan on making the drive out of san francisco towards the south bay. really, the san mateo bridge just socked in with traffic at this hour. the dumbarton bridge still looking okay. now, again, you can see some of the slow traffic, this is on the other end of the san mateo bridge where east 92 is sluggish from about midspan approaching hayward. the rest of the commute we have been talking about the golden gate drive that's still very slow leaving san francisco. northbound traffic crowded from beyond the marina district. we do still have very h
. seattle wins. they go 1-3 in the preseason. and the first 3 games of the series in detroit. scored 28 runs. today, they look for the sweep against the tigers. going for his 20th win. allowing one run, five innings after being activated from the dl. they continued their role, brandon moss going deep for the third time in two games. 6-1a's. they close it out. could not hold it for the lead. torrey hunter sending tiger fans unhappy with the 3-run walk off. tigers win, 7-6. they drop 3 games back behind texas to the west. finally, college football opening at spar tan stadium. san jose state. 24-0. head coach's debut. the quarterback, david bales, thoughing for 225 yards and two touchdowns, they have a chance. he feels is one of the best quarterbacks in college football. that should be interesting. >> all right, dennis doing great in san diego. >> he is. i am sure he is in the gas lamp district right now. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >>> coming up, it is fantasy land for kids and adults. the big event this weekend ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] it's time healthy gets a dose of happy. new yo
'donnell. we'll see you tonight. >>> play of the day from major league baseball. detroit tigers shortstop let's take a look at them jose iglesias bare-handed no mitt needed and he is going down and tosses it over to first and gets his man but in the end of the tigers lost to the white sox 6-2 but what a play by mr. . >>> they get to know him they would love him. >> 15-year-old denied a heart transplant because of bad grades? why doctors say his troubled past is keeping him off the list. >> a battle of east versus west and it's all over parking. how one bay area city is trying to stop neighbors from stealing his spaces. >> reporter: the feds give caltrans the green light to open the new span of the bay bridge on labor day weekend. what the conditions are and why it's not a done deal just yet. ,,,,,, if you're like me, you've been working you've been working like a dog all year. but you don't need to camp out 'til labor day to reward yourself! mattress discounters' labor day sale is on now! rest those tired bones on a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497! get 48 months intere
winner max scherzer of detroit. brandon moss would agree. tied at 3 in the fifth, moss launches the other way off the former american league mvp, a's lead 5-3 and then, the a's had the bases loaded 6th inning nobody out but the rains come, the tarp comes out. a's leading 6-3. >>> a defensiverick reid is the starter for san francisco. they grabbed read in the draft who was a star at lsu. his teammate dr. whitner and the rest of the 49ers love it. this guy is ready to play day one. >>> is it possible to lose fame going from college to the pros? chargers rookie manti te'o is probably okay with that after becoming the butt of countless jokes. >> although honestly i have always been a little wary of the bcs system, i just feel like you can't completely trust something just because a computer says it. manti te'o. [ laughter ] >> i didn't see it. i think everybody started texting me at the espies and i wish i was there. it doesn't bother me. >> the notre dame star provided all sorts of material when he was involved in a bizarre hoax that fooled him into thinking a fake girlfriend had died. the c
in detroit giving up a three-run walkoff homer by torii hunter. the tigers avoid the sweep for the 7-6 win. and that is a look at sports. have a great day. >>> college football season is here, folks, and our play of the day comes from one of the first games of the year. north carolina and south carolina, third play of the season for the gamecocks. quarterback connor shaw back will connect with roland 65 guards are out. see you later! south carolina went on to win it 27-10. thanks in part to this monster play of the day. >> very nice there. >>> 5:26 now. coming up, another victory for same-sex marriage. the new legal recognition for couples nationwide. plus -- >> i was really worried about him. it was hard for me to sleep at night, being away from them. >> the "rim" fire is not just causing chaos for the homeowners up there. how the county is struggling to deal with nearly 100 displaced animals. >> reporter: and it is expected to be another very busy day on bart. we have some advice if you are thinking about riding coming up next. ,,,,,,,, ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all
on to a three- run lead in detroit giving up a three-run walkoff homer by torii hunter. the tigers avoid the sweep for the 7-6 win. and that is a look at sports. have a great day. >>> thank you, kim. college football season is here and our play of the day comes from one of the first games of the year. north carolina and south carolina, third play of the season for the gamecocks. quarterback connor shaw back will connect with roland 65 guards are out. see you later! south carolina went on to win it 27-10. play of the day. not be played at the new 49s stadium. rd were in talks >>> locally, college football game steeped in tradition will not be played at the new 49ers stadium. cal and stanford were in talks to play the 117th big game at levi stadium next year but cal athletic director sandy barbour made the call to keep the game at berkeley's memorial stadium in november. many students and the alums overwhelmingly against the game in the south bay since it's considered stanford territory. >>> governor brown signed a bill aimed at protecting children who take part in youth sports programs. a
outside detroit. >> willard mazure: i'm on 60 milligrams of morphine a day with no cure in sight. there is no cure in sight for me. >> pelley: willard mazure's morphine is to kill the pain from the fungal infection. we asked the patients to sit down in the first two rows, and many of them brought family to the auditorium. michigan is a hotspot for the toxic steroid, one of 23 states that received the drug from massachusetts. st. joseph mercy has treated 189 patients, all of whom endure brutal anti-fungal drugs. >> mazure: the medicine is just unbearable. you know, they talk about cancer treatments, and i'm sure they're unbearable, too. but this is some unbearable stuff. >> pelley: this is the fungus. it is a sample that has been grown from the spinal fluid of a patient. the fungus is a form of mold that attacks bone and nerves. the patients who had it injected in the spine have an infection called meningitis, which can also reach the brain. have the doctors told any of you that the fungus is gone and you never have to worry about it again? >> no. >> absolutely not. no. >> pelley:
,000 pipes that came with it. he res rescued the organ from the old michigan theater in detroit. >> the biggest organ ever made had five keyboards. >> reporter: what year. march 1926 the same month i was born. >> reporter: do you feel a kin dread spirit with that organ. >> i would say i think so. reporter: that explains his wurlitzer but what about the rest of the place? >> then they started tearing down all these beautiful movie theaters around the country. i thought why not pick up some of these junk and make it look like a movie palace. >> reporter: which leads me to this question. why would anybody want that? >> because they're crazy. reporter: a few years ago word got out that fred had this theater and the tour buses have been stopping by ever since. >> right down between those traffic cones and be careful. >> reporter: which is fine by fred. in fact, he says he has a responsibility to share this place. >> this is beautiful. reporter: here's the way i look at life. this is a gift that god gave me. and i think i owe something. that is why i have people coming around here. th
in southeast washington >>> the detroit free press has a long distance swimmer completes a heavy-duty trip. jim dryer swims across lake st. clair pulling a ton of bricks. he battled hallucinations and pounding waves. >>> thanks to facebook coo, cheryl sandberg lean-in, has become a new catch phrase for working women. a decade ago, much of the talk was about opting out. highly educated women walked away from their careers to stay home and raise their children. leslie stall reported in 2004. >> the resume to kill for. >> thank you. >> he clerked at the supreme court and walked away. >> i know myself. i know that when i'm working at something, i work hard. when i was at the law review i was working until midnight every night. my husband started a surgical residency where he was completely unavailable. i was afraid that if i was working, there would be no parent there with the children. i wanted to experience getting to know my children being there in a consistent way. she is hardly alone. every wednesday morning, this church in suburban maryland is filled with professional w
to uma. they say he died at his home in suburban detroit, he was 87 years old. >> the first family has adopted a second dog. her name, sunny. she is a protuguese water dog, the same breed as obama's other dog, bo. the white house released photos of sunny yesterday. he was born 14 months ago in michigan. the two dogs appear to be getting along just fine. bo was a gift from the late senator ted kennedy in 2009. so bo has a playmate. >> a little boy and a little girl to play together. i think it is good when your dog has a pal. >> i do. >> i do. nicely done. >>> prince william and his wife, kate, have released their first official photos of their newborn son, prince george. the two snapshots are very casual. as mark phillips reports, it is one more way the couple is redefining what it means to be a royal. >> reporter: just another young family sending out pictures of the new kid. one without the dogs, one with. when this family sends out happy snaps, though, they end up in the papers and on tv. ever since william left the hospital just like a normal dad, carrying his newborn son in the ca
leonard died yesterday morning at his home in suburban detroit. >> never use an ad verb to modify the verb stance? >> never. >> in california, a ground-breaking despair. experts learn to predict earthquake. >> it is like predicting a baby's bottom. you can't do it. >> if all these people pledge this money, they get nothing out of it other than -- >> what do you mean? >> courtside at a game, get nothing out of it. are you crazy? about this guy, talk to him. >> if norah were here, it is similar to what you guys do every day. i see you as off balance sometimes. >> you still today say. >> i would stand by my call. >> when you hear criticism, is there a part of you that does the hula, because it means that more people pay attention and more people think about, what is this all about? is there a part of you that says, okay, bring it on. >> me? >> you mention matt lauer one more time on this show -- >> can anybody tell you anything? >>> watch him in the arena, the greatest bull in the world. >> how this bull can get in the air? can he do it? look at this. he has got it. how did you do it? >> i do
the yankees were swept by detroit and rodriguez's poor play became an issue. his lawyer now says that was orchestrated by the yankees to make their third baseman appear washed up. the fourth pitch of alex rodriguez's very first at-bat sunday was meant to send a message. players rushed on to the field. and yankees manager joe girardi was ejected. >> we have one player hitting another player because of what that other player is alleged to have done. >> reporter: for most of the weekend, it was rodriguez's attorney who made headlines. accusing the yankees of covering up the severity of a-rod's hip injury during last year's play offs. he told "the new york times" they rolled him out there like an invalid and make him look like he was finished as a ballplayer. he added yankees president randy levine told rodriguez's surgeon, quote, i don't ever want to see him on the field again. yankees didn't return our calls for comment. he told espn he did agree with the version of events and he would be willing to release phone calls, trancescripts and medical records. ale
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